Why Should You Take Self-Defense Course

We’ve all got a little voice inside that whispers, “vulnerability is weakness.” When considering such classes, you might feel something in the back of your neck that says, “I don’t want to feel vulnerable.” But in our experience, once you get through that mental wall, self-defense courses help you push through fear and vulnerability. Learning to protect yourself is almost a side benefit. Not only will you learn to protect yourself, but you grow in confidence, fitness, safety; you make positive life changes. In this article, you’ll learn why taking a self-defense course is a good idea. It’ll produce a better you, a fitter you, and a safer you. 

A Better You

At HotFit NYC, we believe our self-defense courses have some of the most far-reaching benefits of any fitness pursuit available. One of the most significant gains we see is . . . well, really it’s in the whole person.


All the best things in life are on the other side of fear. Job interviews. First dates. The school dance. Breakup conversations. Can you say, “awkward?” What should you do when situations like that come up? You face them, overcome fear, and push through.

Fundamentally, self-defense courses are about facing fear. Your fortitude, mind, and body will be challenged. The result? You’ll grow toward a more confident you. It’s a deliberate and safe way of putting yourself through the fire–and discovering you can be a better person than you ever thought you could be. And there’s additional confidence—we’ll discuss it more below–that comes from knowing you’re equipped to protect yourself and others in a potentially violent situation.


So you’re in that phase of life: You were five minutes late for work. You were late paying your car registration. You ate at McDonald’s four times in a week. You forgot to take the trash out; your home smells like a fishing barge. 

But you’re going to change. 2022 is your year! So you self-motivate, catch some good energy, psych yourself up for change, and . . . nope. Failed again, why try, would you like fries with that?

Self-defense can help. It’s about disciplining your body and mind. The courses are challenging in the best way–and one-hundred-percent percent of the time, the discipline you’ll produce will spill into other areas of your life. Don’t get us wrong: it won’t turn you into Marie Kondo. You still have to do the work on your own. Discipline, however, breeds discipline.


Quick rabbit trail–why, why, why would you ever settle for the anonymity of an open gym membership? Why walk into a gym, do your thing alone, and leave? Let this statement challenge your thinking: if your number one workout accessory is a set of AirPods, you’re missing out.

Self-defense courses are social. They’re a great way to meet people–but even better, you’ll be in a group working together, learning, solving problems, thinking creatively, developing a fraternity. You’ll enjoy a healthy competitive environment. You’ll learn principles of respect and honor. It can be deeply fulfilling to be part of a group that grows together.

A Fitter You

There are a ton of phenomenal fitness programs out there. The best ones work the whole body: cardio, muscle development, speed, endurance. If all you do is deadlift, you might get okay at it, but you’re not doing much to lower your risk of heart disease. If all you do is run, your lack of cross-training might lead to injury.

Self-defense courses are the oldest, most well-rounded fitness programs known to man. They develop every fitness metric. Does Crossfit do that? Maybe, but self-defense develops a couple of areas that Crossfit won’t: mental acuity from unpredictable situations, incredible body awareness, heightened reflexes. Simply put, self-defense and mixed-martial-arts courses are stellar fitness programs.

A Safer You

As we said earlier, one of the benefits of a terrific fitness regimen is confidence—enjoying the confidence that comes from meeting your goals. Self-defense gives you something else: the knowledge that you’ll know what to do if worst comes to worst. 

You’re empowered to defend yourself and others from harm. You develop heightened situational awareness. You learn how to decide under pressure. It decreases insecurities and increases your performance in emotionally stressful situations. Finally, in the event that danger occurs, you might save your life or the lives of others.

Start Now

Interested in taking the next step and learning about self-defense? Call Hotfit NYC now at (212) 933-4847. Coach Thor and his team are amongst the most sought-after personal trainers in the Upper East Side of NYC. With an exhaustive list of certifications and an incredibly diverse set of fitness awards, Hotfit NYC’s self-defense courses will make you better, fitter, and safer.

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