NYC Boxing Classes


What is boxing?

Boxing is a combat sport between two people with boxing gloves. It involves competing with offensive punching combinations and defensive skills of evasive head movement and footwork.  A fight occurs in a ring for typically 3-minute rounds separated by 1-minute rest periods.  Boxing is one of the original HIIT style trainings.  The hallmarks of a boxer are physical and mental toughness, high levels of conditioning, endurance, speed, power, explosiveness and agility.  

Why consider NYC Boxing Training?

The rapid repeated explosive full body movements in boxing are a type of high intensity interval training.  By standing with your knees bent and raising up on the ball of the foot to turn the torso and hip with every movement, you strengthen and shred the muscles of the core and whole body while increasing metabolism and work capacity. The skills gained are also useful for self-defense, making you harder to hit if attacked.  Even in the setting of neurologic conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, the skills trained in boxing can improve hand-eye coordination, posture, balance and agility.  Speaking voice,  strength, conditioning and flexibility are all fantastic benefits of boxing training.  Confidence and self-esteem also improve as your skills advance. 

To train for boxing, multiple modalities are used to acquire the proper skills with use of heavy bags, mitt work, sparring, jump rope, calisthenics, medicine balls, plyometrics and more.  The types of skills that can be acquired through boxing are excellent not only for athletic training, but also for improving day to day functioning.  Sign up for one of our boxing classes today! 




Coach Thor is a battle tested knockout artist, a Golden Gloves Boxing tournament champion, experienced corner man, coach for amateur and professional fighters, and fight teams.  He has extensive experience teaching individuals and group classes for those with the goal of improving their general fitness and those looking to use combat skills in competition. He is exceptional with mitt work and is an excellent sparring partner for clients of all skill levels and focuses on keeping his clients safe.  His unique and creative drills with real life applications set him apart from others in the Upper East Side and NYC.