HOT FITNYC is a personal training and group fitness company that provides opportunities to train for fitness and strength training as well as combat sports.


Coach Thor leads his team by example, embraces each person’s strengths and aims to push himself and each member of the team forward to be the best we can be.  Each coach brings this same dedication to our clients by crafting unique and individualized programs that start with a framework built on your preferences, strengths and motivations and expands to push you beyond your goals.  Our clients become family and we are invested in helping you reach your goals by making fitness approachable, yet challenging in a fun, comfortable environment.  


Sign up for any of our group fitness classes online to reserve your spot! You will receive a confirmation email after we have received your reservation and payment for classes.  We offer a variety of types of classes that are open for all levels. Please see class descriptions for more details. 


Beyond training together, we encourage our team and clients to join us in conquering new fitness challenges, learn new skills and techniques and have fun! Whether we run an obstacle race together, practice skills in a workshop or watch a fight or competition, we want to share these experiences together!


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