What is personal training? And why should I add it to my regimen?

Personal training involves working with a certified trainer who crafts a program based on your individual needs and goals. Some people gravitate towards group fitness. Some prefer to work alone and others prefer to work one on one with a personal trainer.  Regardless of your preference, each type of training has its own benefits, and combining them is an excellent option to continue your progress. Any level of experience or skill can benefit from working with a personal trainer to refine your goals, set expectations and come up with a strategy to achieve success. 

How it Benefits Different Exercise Preferences and Skill Levels:

Group Fitness Afficionado: If you find a type of group fitness class that you enjoy, personal training with an expert can help create a solid foundation and elevate your skills so that you get more out of each class. If you are more advanced than the class in general, you can increase your rate of improvement and use your time in class to refine your skills. 

“Me Time”: If you enjoy lifting and working out alone, your trainer can help to develop a program that will help you progress more quickly based on your strengths and weaknesses and identify other avenues and opportunities to pursue

New to it All:  Perhaps you are new to fitness and are unsure how to proceed. Working with a personal trainer can help you to set goals, and develop a plan to identify what will keep you motivated and moving forward. 

No matter what your prior experience has been, working with a NYC personal trainer provides individual attention that will lead to a quicker progression towards and beyond your goals on your own schedule.  Dynamic programming is structured to fit your specific wants, needs and desires by keeping you challenged with fun workouts and progressive complexity. 

A first session will include a complete workout while simultaneously performing a full assessment of your health and fitness.  Identifying medical problems, lifestyle factors and restrictions early on will ensure safety and success.

We understand that everyone has their own unique situations and we offer a range of options for training to fit each person’s budget, schedule and goals.  

Personal Training Rates range from $100 -130 per hour.

Rates depend on the number of sessions purchased as well as the experience level of the coach selected.  

Semiprivate training (up to 4 per group) can be a fun and economical way to set fitness goals with built-in accountability. Contact us for current packages and promotions that can include one on one, small group training or group fitness.






Why train with HOT FITNYC?

Coach Thor is an unparalleled marquis coach on the Upper East Side with talent and natural coaching ability.  His passion and dedication to his clients and his work is second to none.  And he has built his team to have the same level of discipline, dedication and drive.  While you can get a good work out with many trainers, the well-rounded range of services, level of expertise and personal attention you will receive, sets us apart.  See the “About us” section for more details about Coach Thor and his team.


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