5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Trainer in New York City

You’re staying active, eating healthy, and trying to keep a good workout routine, but it’s missing something. If you need a push to get to the next level, whether that’s weight loss, muscle definition, body sculpting, or something else, hiring a personal trainer can help you perform at your peak level. 

Before you commit to spending multiple hours a week with a personal trainer, you should get to know them and ask a few questions. Our coaches here at HOT FIT NYC located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side are highly trained and experienced, but they all have different strengths. A trainer can be world-class, but if they don’t fit your specific goals, they may not be the right choice for you. So here are five questions you should ask a personal trainer before hiring them.

        1. What are your certifications?

While someone can be a physical trainer without certifications or formal education in the field, several different organizations offer accreditation for dedicated individuals who wish to become personal trainers. Certified trainers have shown a minimum level of knowledge and skill with personal training, giving you a measure of security knowing that your trainer is dedicated and professional. At a minimum, anyone you hire should have certification from an organization like NASM, ACSM, or ACE. Many personal trainers also have training in specialty areas like nutrition or programs like CrossFit. If it’s important to you, ask first.

      2. How long have you been a personal trainer?

Starting a career as a personal trainer in a competitive industry can be challenging. So sometimes taking a chance on a new trainer can be rewarding. However, if experience and knowledge are essential to you, you may want to consider choosing a trainer with a longer time spent in their field.

      3. What referrals and testimonials do you have?

A professional trainer should have references and past clients with before and after success stories. Having seen what your prospective trainer is capable of can boost your confidence in them and help you look forward to the future more. Trusting in their expertise will help you relax and focus on your goals instead of whether or not your trainer knows what they are doing.

      4. What do you do besides personal training?

Spending extended amounts of time with someone with whom you have little or nothing in common can be tedious.  Or it can cause apprehension or dread for your workouts instead of excitement and expectation. Choosing a trainer with similar life experiences or hobbies can give you something to talk about when you are working together.

      5. What are your views/training in nutrition?

Nutrition is a significant part of any workout program, regardless of your goals in hiring a personal trainer. Our HOT FIT NYC coaches understand this well.  Before you hire a personal trainer, you may want to question them on this as well. 

If you are looking for experienced staff with years of solid experience and results, come check out Coach Thor and the rest of the HOT FOT team here in NYC. Head over to our Testimonials page to learn what our clients say about us and give us a call. We’d be glad to have you in for an evaluation and take a look at what we can do to help you meet your goals.

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