HOT FITNYC!! I honestly don’t think a review can do them justice. As someone who new to fitness, working with Coach Thor, Coach Jamie and Coach Cotto has been incredible. Everyone is so patient, kind, fun and totally not intimidating. They are so welcoming to all skill levels and always have modifications. They each have their own personality and bring their own twist to each class. Every class leaves you with a sense of accomplishment and I’ve seen my own personal growth each week. Classes are challenging, andyou will definitely sweat but they’re also just unbelievably fun. If you want to a fantastic work out with a great group of people and want to get out there and challenge yourself but end the work out smiling, hotfitnyc definitely is who you want to be with.
Rachna M.
New York, NY
As a martial artist, Coach Thor has an incredible combination of technical perfection, speed, power, endurance and flexibility which makes him virtually undefeatable. He is also a talented and very patient teacher capable not only to instruct his students in fighting techniques but also inspire them by his always positive and optimistic attitude towards training and life. Whether you are willing to learn Martial Arts for sport, acquire self-defense skills or just trying to maintain bodily and mental well-being through daily physical activity and healthy lifestyle, I highly recommend Coach Thor to everyone, from novice to expert.
Vladimir M.
New York, NY