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Hammer of Thor Fitness was created by Coach Thor as his own brand by combining his martial arts and fitness prowess with the use of combat sports, strength, athletic and explosive power training to create the ultimate combination of training techniques.  He creatively blends skills from martial arts and strength & conditioning  with staples of fitness such as barbell work, plyometrics. and calisthenics to make workouts challenging yet approachable. Now at our studio location in the Upper East Side, Coach Thor and his team are proud to offer private, semi-private and small group fitness.  

For complete Trainer bios, please see below.

Coach Thor

Owner/Founder/Lead Trainer

Coach Thor is an undefeated championship fighter and competitive athlete with over 20 years of professional experience, making him the most sought-after personal trainer on the Upper East Side of New York City.  His ring name is the “Hammer of Thor”, and he has held numerous world titles.  Coach Thor’s resume includes: 

Competitive Sports:

  • USKBA World Open Heavyweight Muay Thai Champion
  • IKF & Kyokushin Bare Knuckle Knockdown Champion
  • Golden Gloves Heavyweight Boxing Champion
  • Empire State Games Boxing Medalist
  • 4-time winner of Armbar Kumite Freestyle Open Tournament (featuring submission wrestling) 
  • Numerous Obstacle Course races 
  • Power lifting competitions 
  • Strongman competitions 


  • Personal Trainer with NCSF
  • IFPA Sports Nutrition
  • Russian Kettlebell (RKC)
  • TRX Instructor  
  • Reebok Stretch
  • Certified Instructor: Muay Thai / Thai Boxing 
  • Instructor: Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do

Other Areas of Training and Expertise

  • Boxing
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 
  • Freestyle Submission Wrestling 
  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) 
  • Karate- Shorin Ryu Lum & Goju-Ryu
  • Tae Kwon Do 
  • Kali
  • Barbell Training

Throughout his career, while pursuing his own training and actively competing Coach Thor simultaneously trained, coached, cornered and sparred, with numerous professional and amateur fighters including champions in Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Most recently, Coach Thor trained at American Top Team with UFC fighters like Junior Dos Santos and Amanda Nunes. What sets Coach Thor apart in his teaching of combat sports is his ability to blend techniques and build skills that can be used for self-defense or competition in the ring. 

Coach Thor embraces each person’s unique goals whether modest or extreme.  For some, working out aids in general fitness with weight loss, toning up / increasing lean mass, improved energy, & decreasing stress.  Others may aim to compete in an amateur or professional sport, like boxing or kickboxing, want to finish a 5k or an obstacle race, maybe even enter a powerlifting, strongman or bodybuilding competition. 

 No matter what the goal, Coach Thor excels in challenging yet approachable programming that is fun, dynamic and adapts with the client as they grow. His approach to training, whether one-on-one Personal Training, or in Group Fitness Classes, is to apply his knowledge and skills to craft individualized plans that undoubtedly lead clients to not only reach but exceed their personal goals.  This is what has made Coach Thor THE premiere trainer on NYC’s Upper East side, and what drives his passion. 


Coach Jamie


Working with a trainer who knows you both in body and in mind, can lead to surpassing your own goals and expectations by working with you to overcome obstacles, barriers and plateaus. In both medicine and fitness, Coach Jamie’s philosophy is to team with her clients and patients to build a plan that is unique and tailored to be effective, efficient and achievable.  Her expertise in neurology and yoga blend together to identify body mechanics and movement patterns that may contribute to aches, pain or injuries and help you maximize your workouts to reach your goals.  

She pays special attention to form in all types of exercise and can work with you on prehab, rehab and corrective exercises to improve posture, joint pain and even some medical conditions like migraines. Cognitive techniques and strategies like breathing exercises are also used to help reframe physical and psychological challenges that may impede your progress and work to improve stress management.  


  • 200 Hour RYT Yoga Teacher 
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Board Certified Pediatrician and Child Neurologist

Experience & Expertise

  • Prior Group Fitness Instructor in Cardio Kickboxing, Bootcamp and Body Sculpt Group 
  • Assistant Kickboxing and Boxing Instructor to Coach Thor
  • Self-Defense Training with Coach Thor
  • Kickboxing and Boxing Training with Coach Thor
  • Obstacle Course Racing
  • Powerlifting

In medical school and during her residency, fitness was Coach Jamie’s key to staying centered and focused. Now, as a successful physician in an academic practice, she is thrilled to be able to return to training others with her unique background and expertise to help others maintain and strengthen the physical body and mind. When she experienced burnout first-hand as a new attending physician, she sought out ways to mitigate burnout for herself and her colleagues. 

She pursued a 3-week intensive 200-hour yoga teacher training program at South Boston Yoga, led by David Vendetti and Todd Skoglund.  Those 3 weeks were transformative in her approach to life, her work and her training.  Her style of coaching and training incorporates ‘body reading’, meaning the way we each uniquely move and hold our muscles at rest and with activity, hands on adjustments and continuous feedback on form and technique. 

After moving to NYC, Coach Jamie started her training with Coach Thor where she has spent countless hours honing skills of boxing, kickboxing, self-defense with drills and sparring and continually learning more techniques for training. Whether you are looking for a drill sergeant, or a gentle guide, Coach Jamie will not disappoint. Always goal driven, honest, she uses body weight exercises like calisthenics and yoga, combined with barbell and kettlebell work in interesting and dynamic ways to keep working out challenging, fun and dynamic.  Build more than lean mass when working with Coach Jamie to strengthen your body, your mind and your confidence.  


Gizmo – Our incredible, strong, smart, stubborn and determined tri-pawd boxer who is 13 years young helps to keep us motivated and driven!  His energy is infectious and when he gives you his big goofy smile you cannot help but smile back.  When Gizmo was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and lost his right hind leg, the HOT FIT NYC family had a benefit class for him to help cover the costs of his treatment.  Now he has been defying the odds for over a year as the most awesome tri-pawd around. He gives back to his HOT FIT family 10 times over what we were able to give him with his infectious smile and positive energy.   

If you ever need to be motivated, come see Gizmo work on his physical therapy, mastering balance and core strength to get back to the hiking, running and wrestling he has always loved.  We can all continue to learn from Gizmo and our furry friends who embody resilience, living in the moment and appreciating the simple pleasures of life. During training he will provide emotional support and sweat removal by way of lots of licks of your ankles, or arms if you are sitting on the floor!

Chaos – His name says it all!  Named not for his antics but for the chaotic nature of life when he joined Coach Jamie in NYC at 3 months old, he has grown into his name in all the most positive ways. His energy and enthusiasm is what enjoying life in NYC is all about!  He has grown and matured with the HOT FIT Family from goofy cheerleader to pace setter for group runs, encouraging each and every person to keep going and push the pace! 

He keeps his brother, Gizmo, young and helps with his physical therapy. He started on his fitness journey by hiking with Gizmo in Maine at 5 months of age and has learned from the best how to train hard.  Chaos’s favorite exercise moves are jump squats, helping people wrap their hands for boxing and helping everyone work their defense by practicing his bounding leaps. When not working out, he can often be found sitting calmly in the doorway of the gym, keenly observing life in NYC and welcoming clients, prospective clients and visitors.