Events at Hot fit NYC

At HOT FITNYC, we love individual sports and training, but we also enjoy working as a team. At HOT FIT NYC, we consider our clients a family and look forward to joining together to learn more about certain skills or techniques with workshops, organizing sparring events, going to a sporting event like a boxing or MMA fight together or running an obstacle race together, like a Spartan or Tough Mudder.

Obstacle Course Races:

Athletes of all levels can take part in an obstacle race! Whether you want to run competitively or just for yourself, train with us to develop the skills, endurance and strength needed to succeed.  As the weather improves, we will increase our opportunities for group runs, and will combine sessions of training with burpees and calisthenics to prepare for the type of obstacles you may encounter during a race.  As a team, we will run together, help each other and celebrate our victories.  

Self-Defense Workshops:

Unfortunately crime and violent attacks are something we all know happen frequently but we hope we will never experience ourselves. While avoidance may be the ultimate goal, being prepared to handle unexpected situations is invaluable and involves both psychological and physical skills. Training in self-defense does not only ‘prepare you for the worst’ but helps to build all-around confidence in stressful situations, even those that are not life and death.

In this workshop, you and a partner will work to identify vulnerable areas as targets that can stun an opponent and provide the opportunity to learn and practice some strikes, takedowns and submissions in a fun and approachable way that prepares you for the real world. Coaches will come around and provide feedback and instruction.

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Tri-State New Jersey Spartan

April 27th & 28th

Steep climbs & expansive trails will test you at one of our toughest mountainous courses. Options for 5, 10, 21, or 50K events

City Challenge Race | Jersey City

Sat May 18, 2024

The city challenge races are 5K obstacle races that are both suitable for beginners and very local to NYC

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