Strength and Conditioning

SIGN UP FOR Strength and Conditioning

What is strength and conditioning

When you think about going beyond the basic levels of health and fitness, and aim for improvement in your overall performance, whether for sports or just for yourself this is what we mean for strength and conditioning.  A combination of strength training, aerobic conditioning, physical attribute training and corrective exercises are provided as a prescription for performance improvement. Physical attributes of speed, agility, quickness, strength, power and explosiveness, aerobic and anaerobic capacity, muscle endurance and flexibility are all important factors to improved performance.  

This type of training can help with injury prevention and faster recovery.  Improved posture, increased metabolism, cardiovascular health, musculoskeletal health and mental health are all benefits to strength and conditioning. The results will also increase your lean body mass, decrease body fat and weight loss leading to that overall ‘toned’ look many aspire to have.

Why try strength & Conditioning training With HOT FIT NYC

Coaches that are successful and highly driven athletes themselves understand what it is that you want and need. The types of exercises involved are fun, dynamic, versatile and most importantly effective when combined into goal driven workouts. Beyond the exercise, sports nutrition counseling can be incorporated into your plan.  Our coaches are detail oriented and are creative in programming that will lead to the measurable outcomes you desire and deserve. Our coaches each have their own style and areas of focus, and training with each of us can help provide you a well-rounded approach.

We use a combination of body weight exercises like calisthenics and yoga, combined with compound barbell exercises, dynamic kettlebell exercises, suspension training, resistance bands, balance implements and high intensity interval training, from boxing/kickboxing to battle ropes and a ski erg, to craft the ultimate training experience. You will leave any session feeling tired, accomplished and proud.


SIGN UP FOR Strength and Conditioning

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