Cardio Kickboxing Classes at HOT FIT NYC

In the heart of NYC, nestled within the bustling streets of the Upper East Side, a fitness revolution is brewing at HOT FIT NYC —one kick and punch at a time. Cardio kickboxing, a dynamic blend of martial arts and heart-pumping cardio, is becoming the go-to workout for residents looking to spice up their fitness […]

Transform Your Body with HOT FIT NYC’s HIIT Classes on the Upper East Side

Are you in search of a workout that pushes the limits and delivers results within the bustling heart of NYC? Look no further than HOT FIT NYC. We excel in delivering cutting-edge high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. These carefully curated HIIT classes are designed to ignite calorie burning and elevate fitness levels efficiently, ensuring maximum […]

Why Should You Take Self-Defense Course

We’ve all got a little voice inside that whispers, “vulnerability is weakness.” When considering such classes, you might feel something in the back of your neck that says, “I don’t want to feel vulnerable.” But in our experience, once you get through that mental wall, self-defense courses help you push through fear and vulnerability. Learning […]

Activating Core vs. Squeezing Your Stomach

What is activating your core? How do you do it? What’s the difference between activating your core and squeezing your stomach? In this article, you’ll learn the what and how. You’ll also find out what muscles are a part of the core, how they impact fitness, and the surprising ways a tight chest can improve […]

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Trainer in New York City

You’re staying active, eating healthy, and trying to keep a good workout routine, but it’s missing something. If you need a push to get to the next level, whether that’s weight loss, muscle definition, body sculpting, or something else, hiring a personal trainer can help you perform at your peak level.  Before you commit to […]

5 Biggest Nutritional Myths About Working Out

What you eat has a significant effect on how quickly you reach your goals. A good rule of thumb is to consider a healthy lifestyle as 80 percent of what you eat and 20 percent of how you work out. The best coaches and personal trainers in the world (and we think HOT FIT NYC […]

Exercise and Training: Why the Right Posture Matters

Whether you are new to exercise or strength training or an elite athlete, proper posture is critical to your success. Coach Thor and the team at HOT FIT NYC understand the need for complete body alignment and participation in exercises and training. Sacrificing your posture to lift more weights or extend your workout time puts […]

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